A software industry veteran, Skip Walter has more than 40 years of technology product development and executive management experience — across Fortune 1000 companies and start-up businesses. Skip was the Founding CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Attenex Corporation, which increases productivity by at least ten times in the legal electronic discovery process for litigation through visual analytics. Prior to Attenex, Skip was the Vice President of Engineering for Aldus (now Adobe) Corporation known for the PageMaker desktop publishing software. He was the father of Digital Equipment Corporation's ALL-IN-1, a $1 billion per year intergrated enterprise office automation and email system. Skip is an advisory council member of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model consortium and is on the Dean's Advisory Council of the School of Informatics at Indiana University. Skip is currently the Managing Director of Factor, Inc., providing strategic planning and product roadmap design for startup technology companies pursuing social networking and visual analytics as well as eDiscovery strategic planning for Global 1000 corporations.